Saturday, August 22, 2009

A very mini break

Sometimes I forget how very small our little island is really. After traveling around Finland from town to town, it seems lazy not to make the effort to see more of the country I call home. So today when I was given the chance to share a ride to Sussex with a friend who was going to pick up her son, I decided to tag along.

drive by Stonehenge

On the journey down we drove past Stonehenge- I like how I can fit in several thousand years of history to one afternoon

mini mini lunchtime mini break destination

I managed to co-ordinate things well enough to get to meet up with another friend and visit her lovely new home, which seems completely out of place in England (in the best possible way). We ate lunch outside and then I collected peacock feathers from her garden!

Our journey home again was shared with a teenage boy who kept us entertained with a million and one facts about things you never thought you would want to know about, and we both drove our chauffeur crazy with our sat nav impersonations. If someone had told me I would enjoy a car journey to and from Sussex so much I would never have belived them. Funny where you find the good times.

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