Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anyone seen my train tickets?

Tomorrow I am due to catch a train to Falmouth to go and visit the MA Open Day and find out a bit more about the MA in Curatorial Practice i'm interested in. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat so I persuaded my friend Jackie to come along as well, she's going to find out more about the MA in Authorial Illustration. She took charge of booking us somewhere to stay, I took charge of getting the train tickets. All was going very well until I looked in my wallet this morning and discovered they were missing. I've spent the day not being able to focus on anything other than trying to find the missing tickets, which means retracing my steps, phoning a whole heap of lost property offices and discovering it's going to cost £108 to buy replacement tickets if I don't find them by tomorrow. Not only have I lost the tickets but i've lost my rail card, bus pass and numerous other things that will cost money to replace.

I'm much calmer now i've done everything I can to find them, I also did some breathing exercises that i've been taught for just these sort of situations, and it seemed to work really well, so now i'm back to looking forward to going to Cornwall tomorrow and just thinking that i've got to just ignore the fact this is costing me close to £200 now!

While i'm in Falmouth I really hope I get the chance to visit here+now, the sister shop to here, I feel like here+now must be some kind of distant step child of mine, i've no real relation to the place, but without me being around helping set up here several years ago maybe here+now would'nt have been conceieved.


Laura B said...

I hope you find the tickets and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time when you get there and take in all that creativity :)

Anna, Custom Made said...

I lost my passport once when I was about to go on holiday. I searched until 2am then burst into tears and went to bed then remembered at about 3am that I had put it under a speaker downstairs to keep in safe when it had arrived in the post a week earlier...

Keep looking!

Anna, Custom Made