Saturday, February 07, 2009

A mini project for February

orange ikea fabric

Last year I tried very hard to take a photo a day for the full 365 (366 actually) days of the year, I got as far as week 26 before I gave up. This year I decided to skip the project and just take photos when I feel like it, or at least that was my plan, however my friend Jason is trying to beat my record from last year and so I keep getting the urge to go back and start all over again. On the train back from Southampton last weekend I decided to set him some challenges for his February photos, and then he decided to set me some as well, so it looks like this month i'll be taking part in a photo a day, even if it does only last for 28 days!

The first week's results are what you see here- I gave him the colours of the rainbow as his task, and these are my photos- for most of them it seems that I didn't have a real camera on me, so they are taken with my camera phone, which means they are pretty terrible quality, but at least I completed a week...unlike some people...

Top to bottom:
red clothes hanging on my door
orange ikea fabric
yellow lights on the back of a snow plow
green dish
blue monitor
indigo jeans
violet scarves


claire-elizabeth said...

i wondered what these were popping up on flickr! very nice!

Claudia said...

beautiful pictures! the important thing is that you need have fun with your project:)