Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boobs and Bums

andrew 2


jane 4

I'm not really here, i'm really busy downstairs finishing off work for a deadline tomorrow, but I was worried you would forget about me so I decided to titilate you with some boobies. And then I thought that's not enough so I threw in a bottom as well. These are a few of my more recent life drawings and apart from the fact they don't fit on the scanner properly, which makes them a bit lopsided, i'm pretty pleased with them.


Gaina said...

When you did that top one I just thought 'Wow, that looks like George Bush!'. And I still do.

You're little talk today showed me one thing, and that is you're TOO down on yourself with regard to you skills as an artist!!

**sigh** What are we going to do with you, Miss Milla?

P.S. I handed my work placement folder in at 4:27 after much frantic printing! haha.

Johanna said...

Oh, these are lovely. I tend to chicken out of the faces at life drawing. It tends to get too detailed.

Makes me want to go to a session again!

Chloe said...

They are amazing drawings. You should be proud of them.

Kirsty said...

I really love that top one. Have you seen Marlene Dumas' watercolours? The blurriness reminds me of her stuff.

Camilla said...

Kirsty- i've been deliberately trying to channel Marlene Dumas recently, I'm so in love with her- have you seen the room of her work in the Tate Modern?

Chloe- thankyou so much!

Johanna- I love drawing faces, and feet and hands- all the bits that are meant to be horrible I really like- you should totally book yourself in for a session soon

Gaina- it's not George Bush and you know it! Glad you got your work handed in at last! hehehehe

Gaina said...

'....Glad you got your work handed in at last! hehehehe.

**cough** Pot? Kettle? :P

And it SO looks like Shrub! Now you have to really impress me and do an Obama. ;-).