Friday, January 23, 2009

Kirsty Hall at Prick Your Fingers

Images Kirsty Hall

My friend Kirsty has an exhibition opening tomorrow at Prick Your Finger in London town. She's going to be there performing her 'Pin Ritual' and is asking people to contribute their own pin-based stories. Kirsty exhibited her pin pieces in the 'here' gallery a while ago and they have a really lovely soft quality to them, it's a strange word to describe work made from the obsessive compulsive drive to pin hundreds of sharp pointy things into fabric, but the thing I remember most about the show is just a feeling of softness and lightness.

From Kirsty's blog:

Prick Your Finger is at 260 Globe Road, Bethnal Green, E2 OJD and the opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 12 - 6pm and Saturday 11am - 6pm. The show opens on Friday 23rd January and runs until Saturday 28th February. If you’re in London, I hope you’ll get along to see it.

There will be an official opening on Saturday 24th January from 2-6pm. If you’re in the area please do come along and meet me. I will be performing Pin Ritual and I believe there are plans for tea and cakes.

There will also be additional pin performances on the following days:

Friday 23rd January from 1-3pm
Friday 27th February 1-3pm
Saturday 28th February, again 1-3pm

If you visit when I’m not performing, there will be a book of pin stories to read and you’ll have the opportunity to leave your own pin story.

I Intended to blog about this last week in order to give you some advanced warning, but the show is on until the end of Feb so you have time to catch it.

I also intended to blog about ZINEFEST!!! Which I was going to be going to tomorrow (with Miss Mithi ) but I had over estimated my free time, money and health and instead I shall be staying at home reading my new favourite book (more on which later).


karen said...

These pins are fantastic I love them. Yor life drawings are great, I was rubbish at it, well done!

Laura B said...

This looks like a really exciting exhibition! Hope you are enjoying your new book and I love your life drawings too :)

redchair said...

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Kirsty said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link, Milla. I thought of you on Saturday and wished that you'd been there.

You'd enjoy Prick Your Finger - it's very similar in feel to the Here shop but obviously more textile-based. Plus they have kits for making crocheted beards and knitted cocks!

Are you coming to the Spike Island private view on Friday - Ruth Claxton is showing.

Camilla said...

Kirsty- thanks for the heads up about Spike- I also saw that Ruth Claxton is doing an artist talk in Feb at Spike

Karen- the pins are lovely aren't they? And thanks for the compliment on life drawing- it's my favourite lesson of the week actually.

Laura B- oh that reminds me I need to tell everyone what my new book is! Thanks for the compliments on my drawings,

Marie-Louise said...

Oh, it looks lovely, it's something specially with textile!