Sunday, November 23, 2008

jam packed

Busy busy busy weekend...

I heard a rumour there'd been some nice sunsets- turned out that rumour was true

leaving home on Friday afternoon there was an amazing sunset over the town hall

On Friday I went to visit the ever lovely Alys P and spent the evening in the company of my new comedy boyfriend David O'Doherty. (He doesn't have a say in the matter) Alys filmed me* talking about why I liked him, and i'd have to say it was probably the dinosaurs that swung it. Anyway I was far too shy to talk to him so instead I shall just urge you all to go see him on his Uk tour and pass on the news to him yourselves.

Actually before I even got to Alys' house (which is gorgeous) i'd seen my friends Mr_Hopkinson, Mr Bugs and Tom Marshman at the Arnolfini opening for the new exhibition 'Super Toys'.
(and also Brian Aldiss, but I didn't know at the time so it probably doesn't count)

On Saturday Alys and I got taken on an exciting adventure to a village hall in deepest darkest Gloucestershire (the edge of Bristol really) where we ate a great deal of cake, drank tea and scored top finds from the vintage/crafty sellers there. I'm flattening my amazing seaweed print out at the moment- but i'll take a photo soon to show you, because i'm sure you'll like seaweed as much as me.

Tea and cake in the village hall

Saturday afternoon was spent with Chipfork visiting all the charity shops between the Downs and the centre and borrowing a tenner to buy an old Ricoh camera because it had a case with it that I liked the look of, and discovering that the camera had a nice pentax lens and was in full working order. Just when i'd been thinking about re-visiting film and paper photos this turns up- I think it's a sign, don't you?

We called in at SNAP where Lucie was just putting the finishing touches to her display of pages from her new calendar

Lucie posing with her calendar pages

And then back to the Arnolfini where we met up with Jane and snuck in to watch some animations as part of the Brief Encounters short film festival, these are my favourites:

Jeffrey and the Dinosaurs by
Christoph Steger

Damaged Goods by one of my favourite artists Barnaby Barford

Today has been spent:

eating cold veggie sausages for breakfast at Jane's house
talking about doing MAs
almost missing breakfast with two of my favourite boys
missing two buses and one train
drawing in train stations
looking at chickens
watching Scooby Doo 2 with my nephew (who rewound any part of the film where Scooby farted and watched it at least 5 times)

I think I was more of a social butterfly this weekend than I have been for months and tomorrow I need to start seriously doing some work- I have new paper to draw/paint on so i'm going to see how I get on with creating a series of small drawings from photos- setting myself a mini target to get through and see how it goes.

*without my knowledge at the time


ismoyo said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Looking forward seeing your new drawings.

Kirsty Hall said...

Sounds great, I wish I'd made it down to the Arnolfini private view but I just couldn't face it.

I have an old camera you could have if you want to play around with film. I got a proper old SLR with lots of lens and bits and pieces from freecycle ages ago and I've never even run a film through it. I figure if I haven't done it already, then I'm just not going to.

Let's do tea and cake soon, I have a pile of presents that I've been accumulating for you. When Zoe and I were clearing out my cupboard, we actually had a Camilla box!