Tuesday, November 25, 2008

searching for colour

searching for colour

I feel like I really struggle with using colour. Other people seem to think i'm pretty good at it, but I feel safest when I stick with black and white. Sometimes I might veer into brown paper and off-white masking tape territory, but mainly I stick with black and white.

Today the light was amazing so as I had things I had to get done I thought i'd search out some colour while I was on my travels and this is the result. Looking at it un-nerves me a bit because it feels so unlike my normal colour palette, but I tried to stick with bright colours that were really singing out today. It's amazing how nice a bin or a bollard can look when the light is right.

The full sized images are here in my searching for colour set on Flickr.

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clunk said...

I LURVE this! It really reminds me of sunny autumn days at the seaside. You MUST carry on with the using of the colour.
You are very good at it, and obviously have a good eye for brightness. x