Friday, November 21, 2008

comedy and maths



Maybe it was because i'd fallen asleep the night before whilst reading Sarah McNeil's awesome zine ' Statistical Analysis of The Things That Happen But Don't Matter and everything else', maybe it was because i'd found a pad of graph paper on the desk next to mine in the studio that morning, maybe it was just because I was really bored...however it happened here are two graph's that I made to represent my pain and frustration over a period of two or three hours. It's been such a long time since I drew a graph I couldn't remember which axis had the constant on and which the changing- but I think I got it right?

So yes...i'm in pain at the moment, and it's frustrating, but what's cheered me up is knowing that tonight i'm going to go and see this man tonight with the lovely Alys. And tomorrow we are going to head out into deepest darkest Gloucestershire with our friend Heather to go and hunt down the Vintage and Handmade Fair

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littlemithi said...

Hello miss! Hope you found lots of goodies at the vintage thingamajiggie :)

I've found out about those xmas fairs at Bower - theres TWO! One on the tuesday afternoon run by some of the admin people and another on thursday evening (the one I'm doing) run by the student union. Which one are YOU signed up for? Its a bit strange to have tw in the same week, but such is life. As it is I'll be at Bush house on Tuesday so will probably miss the first fair...