Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok i'll let you know where I was yesterday shall I? I went to Cardiff for the day and visited the Norwegian Sailor's Church in Cardiff Bay, where I had a very lovely cup of tea and a fairy cake. I've wanted to visit the Norwegian Church for years, but never made it there, but yesterday I was pottering around on my own and ended up in their cafe, looking out over the water. The Church dates from 1868 and is now used as an arts centre, there's more info about it's original history here. (Roald Dahl used to worship at the Church with his family, and there's a party every year now on his birthday)

amazing big jug

While I was in Cardiff I also took a look at the ceramics in the City Museum and was very taken by this jug- I love how it's covered in different transfer patterns in different colours- a kind of proto-Grayson Perry from the 18th Century.

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Carina said...

Oh yeah, baby, I was right! ;-)