Saturday, November 08, 2008

BUST Craftacular!

BUST magazine is hosting one of it's amazing Craftacular events in London this year, and there's still a few days left to sign up for a stall at it. More details can be found here. Or go straight ahead and sign up for a stall here.

I'm really excited to be able to let you know that I will be running a workshop during the event- which means if you come along you'll get to meet me, and I will help you create a one of a kind badge for your wearing pleasure.

There's going to be stalls from over 25 contemporary makers and shakers from the crafting world, music and dancing til midnight and workshops from all kinds of people, not just me!


littlemithi said...

Whats your workshop IN???

Sorry wasn't more sociable today ... Almost didn't make it - it was a tough day mentally for various reasons so eventually we went out to get out of the house!

miss b said...

I've applied, hopefully will get accepted fingers crossed. I'm going anyway, so hopefully will come and say hello!

Camilla said...

HI Mithi and Miss B!

I'm doing a workshop in badge making- i'll be providing the machine and the know-how and hopefully there will be lots of people keen to make their own badges. We've ordered 1000 parts! I'm stockpiling papers etc at the moment so there's a wide range for people to use. I'll also have some pre-made (by milla) badges for sale/on show and perhaps a few of my little spooky doll face friends might make and appearance!

miss b! I really hope you get in- make sure you do say hello, and I appologise in advance for the fact I will probably seem really really scatty.

littlemithi said...

Speaking of badges ... were you the only one ever to have made those badges with the dolls faces? I swear I saw one of them being flashed about on this TV show

littlemithi said...

Hmmm ... yeah, somewhere around 14:40 he flashes one of the faces - but maybe its just a face rather than a face badge ... still, it reminded me of you :)