Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quick Quick

Just a few little bits really quick: The lovely Betsy has a new book out next week, Knitting for Good is available to buy here in the UK or here in the US. This is her first book and she's a bit shy about it, but I think you should all go out and snap up a copy in time for the holidays.

I just discovered the wonderful world of Swap-Bot thanks to noticing that the Cake and Pie/ Freshly Blended holiday ornament swap is being hosted on there this year. Swap-Bot reminds me a LOT of that I used to be part of many years ago (and is how I first met some very good friends of mine) and so of course I have created an account and signed myself up for a few swaps. Knowing that I have rather a tendency to take on more than I can manage I have limited myself to a couple of simple postcard swaps to get started, and a zine swap.

Look how cute that logo is!
Are any of you using Swap-bot? I have an idea for a swap i'd like to host in the future, so if you're already a member of the site let me know and i'll keep my eyes peeled for you.


edward and lilly said...

Hey, I joined swap bot today after seeing the holiday ornament one too. I'll keep an eye out for your swap.

dropstitch said...

I just joined swapbot too. I've been longing to swap for ages (I love sending and receiving mail) and got enticed in by the holiday ornament swap. I'm going to start making mine this weekend and I can't wait!