Monday, November 10, 2008

A busy weekend, birthdays, art, knitting and lots and lots of rain

I am 1

Someone was one

Be my baby

'Matter of Perspective'

Someone had some (old) art on show at Cafe Kino (that'll be me then)

Claire Platt

Someone had some new work on show in Cafe Kino (that'll be Claire Platt)

Ellie and Raffies pumpkin

someone had a very small (and mouldy) pumpkin

Ellie trying to knit and failing

someone tried to remember how to knit

Mmmm January February

And if all that's not enough then today we printed January/February of Lucie's calendar

September October

and September/October

I got totally soaked on more than one occasion today, and came home to find the boiler wasn't working properly, and neither was the toilet. I finally managed to get the boiler going again- filled the bath and soaked in HOT water for a while before using the bath water to flush the toilet. Never let it be said that i'm not d-i-y/crafty/green when it comes to plumbing! Now I need to see if I can fix the toilet, or perhaps maybe the time has finally come to bite the bullet and try and find a plumber who will magic everything right in my house and not charge me too much for it. It certainly would be nice to live in a house with constant hot water/central heating that works and a toilet that flushes...


littlemithi said...

But you haven't got a photo of my favourite of your pieces of work at Kino :(

Laura B said...

Looks like you have been busy! Hope your water troubles get sorted soon :)