Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Alys Paterson

My good friend Alys Paterson is having an exhibition of her prints at The Here and Now Gallery in Falmouth. If you're down that way for your holidays, or lucky enough to live in the area already, then pop in and pick one up- i'm sure you won't regret it!


Solorn said...

Hello there!

I will definatly be at the Green Festival at the Quarry. It's a small world isn't it. Glad to have found another blogger in Weston.

Jo Bradford said...

Hey Camilla
I cant remember if I actually got in touch with you or not - I am sooo scatterbrained these days!!

I will definitely go and see Alys as I am only a 5 minute drive from Falmouth!!

Thanks for the kind words about my work - let me know if you come across anywhere up your way I could show some of it.....