Friday, August 01, 2008

Another birthday today

Top secret project

I'm pretty certain one year olds aren't using the internet yet, so i've posted this picture up before i've delivered it to the recipient.

My friend's baby is one year old today and I made this bag for him to keep all his books in. I filled it with some Beatrix Potter books that i'm hoping he'll enjoy listening to, and maybe reading when he's a bit older. I made it from some fabric I picked up in a charity shop in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I thought the rabbits were so cute I imagined I might make a skirt out of them, but it's sat in my stash pile ever since. The red lettering is cut from some IKEA curtains that a friend gave me.

I wanted to make something that wasn't too 'blue for boys' and at the same time I wasn't sure how his parents would feel if I made a bag covered in spooky doll faces. I really enjoyed making this- taking it slow and making sure I ironed every piece, I was going to sew on the letters but the bondaweb seems to have done the job really well and i'm a bit worried if I go and add stitches now i'll spoil it.

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Laura B said...

What a wonderful creation! I agree about the letters, sometimes I get carried away and regret not leaving something well alone! I'm sure you made the right decision!

p.s. I love how you have brought two pieces of fabric that had one life alive into a special gift!