Friday, July 25, 2008

Probably of no interest to anyone, except me and my family

old blocks gone, new blocks added
Biddy inspecting new territory
day one

I came home from a visit to Bath with Tracy to discover that work has finally begun on my conservatory! These dull photos might not mean anything to anyone else, but to me they are the most exciting thing i've seen in a long long time. I am very lucky in that my neighbours are actually paying for this conservatory to be built (it's complicated) so I will be able to enjoy it's benefits, without having to shell out any money for it. Of course as soon as it's finished I will want to start furnishing it- which will mean some money spent, but it's almost as exciting as moving to an entirely new house. And my parents will be glad to hear that work has started because I think they'd just about got to the point of being completely fed up of asking me about it.


Gaina said...

Well, Biddy looks impressed anyway :).

karen said...

Wow!! A free consevatory...I need neighbours like yours!

clair said...

Wow! It's very exciting to think that you are having the exciting adventure of building work going on at your house too!! I hope it will be done in time for a bit of late summer sunshine so that you can enjoy it this year!! xx