Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dad's first piece of stained glass

Dad's first piece of stained glass

I seem to have been a bit absent this week- the heat has wiped me out and i've been needing lots of sleep, lots of water and lots of strawberries! This stained glass was made by my Dad, we clubbed together to buy him lessons for his birthday, and this is the first piece he made- pretty impressive for a beginner I think you'll agree. I have plans to get him to replace every window in my house with stained glass now!


Laura B said...

This is fab and I love your idea of putting his new found talent to good use! The heat is making me lazy too, it's hard to get creating when my paper keeps sticking to me with sweat, no pva in sight :) Heres to a breeze or a fan!

Gaina said...

Oh that's beautiful! I wish we had somewhere to do this on campus.

I'm so DONE with the heat now, I want to have a decent sleep and get my apatite back.

kawaii crafter said...

oh wow, it looks great and I love the colors,

I'm sure your whole family is putting in requests now to your father