Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapelhill Steading

My lovely friend Clunk has been having all kinds of problems with her computer, and her blog got eaten by some strange beastie. But things are looking up because when I checked her site today this is the image that greeted me. Still no blog, and nothing works yet (so I probably shouldn't be writing about it yet) but look how cute it's going to be when it's all working again! Bookmark the page : and keep popping back to check when the beasties have been killed off and the site is working again.

And while i'm thinking about growing stuff if you are in the UK and love allotments (or even if you don't, but still think they are a good thing) then please pop over here and sign a petition:


Laura B said...

May the force be with your friend in blogland to beat the beasties! I signed the petition and heres hoping to loads more everywhere so we can all grow our own tatties!

Clair said...

Theres some good news in that we think we got the blog up and running again. But the bad news is we lost EVERYTHING that was already on it. (Ya - boo!). Anyways... keep an eye on it and hopefully in the next few days it will be full of all our new news. We have a nice concrete floor now! Hooray!