Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday morning heartbreak

pier fire

the view from my back door this morning at 8.07am

pier fire

8.20 I got to the beach

pier fire

pier fire

pier fire

The lone policeman in charge of keeping people back from the fire

pier fire

pier fire

The press photographers set up a photo of my nephew on a donkey, with the burning pier in the background.

I'm sorry for the image heavy post- but here's the story- I live in a lovely/crummy seaside town with an amazing pier that's over 100 years old. This morning it burnt down and my town is a little less lovely and a little more crummy now. Yesterday was the busiest I have ever seen the beach- I spent the whole afternoon on the seafront with friends, today I spent the morning from 8-10am on the beach watching my beloved pier burn down.


Elisabeth said...

Oh no! That makes me so sad. What a loss.

littlemithi said...

We heard it on the news this morning about 8. At the time they though it was only a little damage - but it looks like the whole things has gone down :( So sad for Weston ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding my blog. Yesterday was a roller-coaster of emotions for all of us westonians. I still can't quite believe the pier has gone. All I see is the wreckage every time I look out of my windows and it makes me so sad.

AB said...

Too sad :( I hope they restore it to its former glory. Poor old pier.


Laura said...

This was awful wasn't it. More pics on my blog if you're interested. Glad I've found your blog though.

Kirsty said...

Oh that's so sad, I saw the pictures and immediately said "oh NO!" really loudly. What a terrible shame.

karen said...

you were my first thought when this came on the news, it's a real tragedy.

Marci said...

Oh no Camilla! It's so so sad. The pier was totally great! I'm glad that I got to visit it while it was still around.

Sharon said...

I'm sorry it's gone too, my grandparents used to take me and my cousins there alot when we were little.

.girl ferment. said...

that is terrible!

your photos are great though.

Just wanted to drop by to say I have not forgotten about your pay it forward gift, it will happen at some stage.

clair said...

We have been sooo devastated about the pier this week. Verity in particular has been very sad (for a while there she thought the whole of Somerset had gone with a BANG! - and she's been really worried about the donkeys!). So many good memories of dodgy doughnuts and icecreams at the end of the pier... and meeting up with buddies there for nights out at 'hobbits' etc etc. I have been thinking about you and how sad you will be about it. Poor pier. These pictures have been good to see though, we can't get there in person and it's good to have an idea of how bad the damage is and have a bit of time to remember the good times we've all had there with the slot machines. x