Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday lunchtime ruins

remains of the tower

chips from the pier

remains of the pier

The Pier re-opened it's gates this morning and when I popped along at lunchtime it was heaving with people eating chips, playing on the few remaining rides and mainly taking photos of the damage. You are able to walk right up almost to the end of the pier and get a pretty close look at the destroyed pavilion- we spent time pointing out the melted lamps, the original cast ironwork and the undamaged flags. Someone had laid flowers for the pier, and the owners were walking around talking to people. We ate chips and took bets on how long it would be before it got rebuilt.

This week has been strange for me- i've had a lot of problems with my leg which has put a dampener on my mood and made me feel a bit dislocated from the real world. I shall be back to full posting frequency as soon as I can be.


Laura B said...

Although the subject of your photos is sad, they are beautiful too, and very moving.
Hope your leg gets better soon :)

Gaina said...

What is it with people and this creepy obsession of laying flowers? It's hunk of metal for goodness sake!

If we get a good sunset that would make a pretty cool photo of the ruins in silhouette. Not as nice as the Brighton ruins, though.