Friday, May 09, 2008

Summer must be here

new chair on old balcony

Last night I made a special effort to take my new chair out onto the balcony for perhaps the first and last time. I ate biscuits and drank a cup of tea whilst enjoying the feeling of sunshine and fresh air on my skin, and I wondered 'do I really want to give this us for a conservatory?' Soon my tiny back yard will be turned into a tiny conservatory and i'll be able to use the space all year round, there'll be no more leaking through to the flat downstairs, no more slugs, no more freezing cold kitchen. Instead I shall be able to sit at my new chairs and table (in the sale at Sainsbury's) and drink cups of tea in the warm and dry. I don't think i'll miss the leaks and the slugs, but i'm going to miss sitting out on warm summer evenings with nothing between me and the stars.

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Urbanknit said...

the chair and the mug match! nice colour too. thank goodness for the sunshine too!