Friday, May 09, 2008

A little Q+A

As part of my new degree I have to conduct case studies on other artists and how they work. I've been sending out this very rough and ready Q+A to people I already know and have been amazed by the responses i've got so far- seems artists really like filling in questionaires (or is it more likely they like to procrastinate?). I thought i'd post it on here and if any of you want to add your answers please do so- either in the comments or email me.

Who are you and what do you do?

What are the tools of your trade? Do you have favourite brands/materials/suppliers?

Have you made a business plan?

How do you support yourself financially?

Did you do work experience/ unpaid/paid internship-did you find this useful?

What are you inspirations and influences?

Did you train/what in/where/when?

Have you always been based in one location?

Do you set yourself goals/targets i.e. ‘if I’m not doing x by y then z’?

What problems have you faced?

Is it worth it/ what keeps you going?

What exhibitions have you had?

How does the internet aid/ promote you- do you have a website?

Do you have any links/useful contacts-materials/galleries etc?

At the moment your answers will only be seen by me and tutors, but as some of the information i'm getting in already has been so useful i'm considering making some of it into either blog posts or a mini zine- so let me know if you want to be included in any of that.

Thanks to:
Meg Hunt
Bjørn Lie
Alika Cooper
Gabrielle Gamboa
Leila Johnston
Deth P Sun
Kirsty Hall
Edith Abeyta
Ruth Boyask
Allyson Shaw
Meghan Murphy
Missy Kulik
Jenny Louie
and David from Peskimo

for already helping me out with their answers- go take a look at their websites, they are all awesome!


design for mankind. said...

Oh this is a fun idea! And oh goodness-- your email got lost? What was it? Can you re-send? :(

this chicken said...

Sounds like fun... let me take this away with me and ponder all those great questions over the weekend. I'll send you my answers next week :)

Have a fab weekend!!

Camilla said...

Oh thankyou! I'll look forward to seeing your responses- it's turning out to be an interesting mini project i've started here!