Monday, May 05, 2008

Redland Fair

May 5th

Giant lightbulb found by Jane

bowls box

lovely box for bowls to live in

Jane learning how to bowl

Jane learning how to play lawn bowls

Jane in a lightbulb

Jane inside her giant lightbulb

It's taken Jane and I four years to make it back to Redland fair at the same time as each other, but this year we managed it. Redland fair has been running for over 30 years and is a sort of village fair in a city- there are Morris Men and brass bands, as well as vintage clothes, tomato plants, hideous jewellery, tea and cakes and best of all the chance to learn how to play bowls from the experts. On our previous visit we had sat and watched other people play bowls, but this year Jane was determined we would have a go ourselves. Having bullied Simon into joining us we took to rink number 5 and tried really hard to get a big wooden ball to end up somewhere near a small wooden ball.

As you might be able to tell from the photos another highlight for today was the discovery of a giant lightbulb in amongst the boxes of bric a brac, Jane parted company with £3 in order to take it home with her- money well spent in my opinion, if only for the number of times we got to take photos like this:



. said...

Shhh...Redland Fair is supposed to be a secret.

(it's busy enough too)

Camilla said...

It's true...but no-one reads this so I think our secret is safe...whoever you are.