Sunday, May 04, 2008

Holy Moley!

My shop has just become over run with moles! Whilst searching for something very important that i've lost, I found these monotype prints I made in 2006 and decided I should do something with them, before they get lost too. So now they are all at home in a special section of my shop, ready to buy for just $20 each (£10).


Gaina said...

Gah! Mr Mole! **makes grabby hands and silly cooing noises**.

Did you find what you were originally looking for?

And how the HECK did I miss Beth Carter and Philippa Lawrence?? Next time, don't take me out on the tiles the night before we hit an art gallery, m'kay?


Camilla said...

Feel free to hot foot it over to my shop and buy up all my moley goodness!

Still haven't found what I was looking for...