Saturday, May 24, 2008

second hand bookshop- May 24th

It's hard work trying to do nothing and relax, so today I ended up in the second hand bookshop for a while (until the dust and mouldy books made my breathing bad and I had to leave)- I came home with three books, one of which I am going to start drawing in. Although I feel bad about drawing in books, at least this one already had scribbles in and a drawing of a stick man, so someone had beaten me to it.

Now...does anyone want to treat me to any of these Etsy finds?

Sun Kissed from fadefade

Joseph and Angela from This is all I know


kawaii crafter said...

I really like Lorena Barrezueta's pieces too. They're just so clever.

Gaina said...

I'd love to treat you to one of those beacause anyone who slays the bus dragon with me is surely worthy of such things, unfortunately my piggy bank disagrees.

I have cleared out my drawers and wardrobe this weekend. I feel all happy n' stuff now.