Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seamstress Milla

May 28th

Well it would seem that given a week off I am actually still able to make things. Today I sewed up this cushion cover in 20 minutes, it would have been quicker but I went wrong and had to unpick and start again with one side. I picked up the fabric from Ikea last year thinking I would do 'something' with it, and now I finally have. Another 'finally' is this little project:

new curtains made today

Curtains for the living room. For the last 3 years I have had curtains that have acted as window dressing and not really served their proper purpose. For the last 3 years I have also had the ability and materials to rectify this situation, but I only seem to have got round to doing something about it today. I don't have enough curtain hooks, so they don't look perfect yet, but soon (tomorrow?) I will have curtains that open and close! These were made from Ikea tab top curtains that I took the tabs off and sewed curtain tape onto instead. You can also see the next project in this photo- I need to fix the sofa cover (also Ikea...I do shop in other places I promise). I got this sofa when it's original owner emigrated to Australia, and since then i've been meaning to patch it up, to cover the paint and coffee stains (and to make it a bit more interesting). Seems like this week it might actually happen.

What projects are you getting done this week?


Kirsty said...

Now that it's finally stopped raining, I've been out in the garden trying to finish planting up one of the borders. I'm also very slowly tidying my study and I blocked a shawl yesterday (which I'd only been meaning to do for erhm, about a year or so!). I'm working on my new embroidery piece too.

Gaina said...

You're a clever little Unicorn :). I am still basking in the glow of satisfaction I get from my wardrobes.

Come June, I'll be snapping every day, promise! (You might have to agree to provide me with subjects though, including yourself! LOL)

Camilla said...

All this talk of gardens makes me feel very jealous- I'm itching to move somewhere with a garden, I didn't realise how much I missed it until I found some old photos from my house in Bristol. Maybe one day i'll have a place with a garden again...

Gaina- remind me and Lucy to talk to you about our project we have planned for this summer!