Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Raindeer Girls and bone houses

I don't watch that much tv normally but this evening I just happened to catch two programs that made me really happy:

Reindeer Girls on BBC2 tonight was about Reindeer hearding in Norway, and focused on two Sami girls, Elle and Inga, deciding if they would carry on the family business. Watching it made me feel all happy inside, and confirmed my suspicions that I am 100% a northern European girl at heart. I don't know that i'd ever sit down and crack bone marrow out of Reindeer bones (i've been vegetarian for about 20 years now) but i'd love to visit the far north and see if I could fit in there. I've always suspected that I wouldn't last the winter due to SAD, but maybe if I wrapped up warm enough i'd make it through. I spent New Years Eve in Stockholm once (which isn't that far north really) and found it enchanting, I think I need to venture back to Scandinavia soon.

You can watch Reindeer Girls again via the BBC iPlayer here for the next 6 days.

And then after a ten minute break (when I dished up my curry) I got to watch this man:

Dan Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, which you can watch a clip of here. He visited the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic and Hatshepsut's tomb in Egypt amongst other places. I love Dan Cruickshank, he never fails to let a program pass without some mention of phallic imagery.


Anonymous said...

I watched both programmes as well, and found them both equally fascinating. The Reindeer Girls was amazing, and that is something I would love to do.


Gaina said...

Bah! I wanted to watch/record Dan Cruickshank. Never mind I'll try tracking it down on the BBCi player :)

I went to Norway a few times as a child (only in May though) and remembered liking it. Of course the best thing about it then where these GINORMOUS ice-creams dusted with coco, whereas now I want to go back because it's full of amazing Wildlife and the home of Black Metal :D.

Have you been to The Black Forest? That's amazing.

Alys Paterson said...

Hey Mills! Guess what ?! my desk buddy at work Nicky's husband Kev made 'Reindeer Girls' - he was the camera man - and spent 6 weeks with the family and was the only peron other than The family to go on the whole expedition.They are staying with Nicky at the moment - she took Ella shopping on Park St today! xx

Camilla said...

OOh tell him how amazing I thought it was- and the girls totally made me think of people I knew from Bristol. It was such a great film it made me cry a bit just because i'm daft that way. She should bring them to Weston for a day trip!