Friday, April 11, 2008


I've been battling all day with trying to install my old scanner (that I love) onto my new computer (that came with one of those all in one printer/scanner things that I don't love) it seems that it's not going to happen and after about 4 attempts i'm going to admit defeat. I was just about to write off technology completely, until I came across an old disc that I didn't know I had, full of photos taken by my friend Lisa Brook at Ladyfest Bristol back in 2003. I've just uploaded the photos of the Comic Book Queens exhibition to my flickr.


I'm so glad Lisa was around to take photos because by the time this show was up I was just about to drop down dead. I don't remember much of the actual festival, just a whole heap of stress related to it, but being able to see these photos now makes me realise we did a good job!

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