Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bye bye babies

packed up and ready to go

Well after battling with glue and packing tape the unicorn people are on their way to LA. It cost just under £50 to send them, so I really hope not all of them find their way back to me! I guess I need to do a bit more research into mailing things overseas if i'm going to start sending more work to the US (I have some secret news that's not yet confirmed so i'll just leave it at 'I might have to send more work overseas soon').

Now pretty much all of the practical work for the Shoppe is done I can sit back and enjoy the rest of my two weeks away from Uni. Over in America poor Edith is busy making tote bags and painting the studio ready for the show- I guess that's one benefit for not being able to make it over there, I miss out on having to paint the studio! (I always tried to get out of painting the gallery every time I curated a show there- I used to delegate that task to one of the new volunteers in the hopes no-one would notice I rarely did it myself)

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Alys Paterson said...

Oh no I thought you weren't seding stuff til the 12th ? If I send you a unicorn thing tonight will we have time to make the tattoos ? Soory I have had a bit of a nighmare week and it slipped my brain x