Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A day of plotting

Brian Blessed Sonic Attack Force

Today I went to Bristol to meet up with my sister, and nephew, for an all you can eat pizza buffet, followed by a short stroll to her house (past this artwork) for a cup of tea. Stencil graffitti is all over Bristol so I kind of ignore most of it these days, but the 'Brian Blessed Sonic Attack Force' did tickle me.

Late Late Xmas pressies

After drinking tea with my sister I headed to meet up with Alys for another cuppa, and was presented with three gifts that she'd been trying to get to me since Xmas (Alys and me both have a bit of a tendency to become hermits at times which can mean getting together is tricky).

We talked about plans for new websites (her old site Handmade by Alys has been taken down while she works on a new website, in the meantime find her at http://alyspaterson.blogspot.com), mini breaks in Scandinavia and Unicorns. I'm super excited that Alys is getting involved in The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe- she is going to be drawing some of the temporary tattoo designs for the shop.

I expect you want to know what's in those packages don't you? Well you're just going to have to come back tomorrow when i've photographed them all...let's just say I was very excited by them!

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