Monday, March 10, 2008

Here Shop & Gallery Window

My old buddies at the gallery sent me this message while I was away, asking me to spread the word:

Want to see your work in our window? We're looking for amazing, original crafters or anyone else who makes fantastic things, to use one of our shop windows on a monthly basis to showcase your works for sale. Interested? Email us at or drop in some samples of your work and a plan of what you’d like to do. Click here for pics and a plan of the window

And I should also mention that here's sister shop has opened up in Falmouth. Here and Now really is a sister shop as it's being run by Ben 'here shop' s sister Kate.


AB said...

Wow! very cool....I'm goign to have a look over Easter as we are staying near Falmouth. I never did find out where the lovely little vegan cafe was in Barcelona. Hope you founf lots of nice places to eat!


AB said...

Please excuse all the spelling mistakes in my first comment!!!


Gaina said...

I love that window, especially the flowers :D