Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Shipping Forecast

March 12th- Shipping forcast detail

A couple of years ago I knitted 'The Shipping Forecast' as part of a sculpture project. I plotted out the areas of the forecast and then knitted segments that matched up with my highly unscientific calculations. In the end it was a bit of an unresolved piece of work as I couldn't work out how I wanted to display it- I played around with wrapping it on pieces of driftwood, as it looked like rubbish washed up on the beach, but that took away from it's original intention. This morning I dug it out from the knitting basket and took it into my studio space to hang, and hopefully inspire me as I work on my new drawing project ' A Sense of Place'.

Shipping forcast detail

Shipping forecast detail


Gaina said...

How did I miss that!? I must have been half asleep today ;).

Gaina said...

bah, forgot to tick the 'follow comments' box

**shake fist**

cally said...

i LOVE this, and not just because it's blue, i love the whole idea of it. i've always had a love affair with the shipping forecast so to have it interpreted in knit and so beautifully is great, it feels nautical in so many ways, like choppy seas of different hues, like fishing nets, like seaweed, high and low tides, dark waters in the night and colours in the day... i could go on.

i'm smiling now, thinking of all the lovely names (i used to use them in my work) tyne, dogger, viking, german bight, fisher... something romantic about it all, but harsh and real because you knew the men were out listening to it in harsh gales far from their loved ones.