Monday, February 25, 2008

Peanut butter cookies

Feb 25th- peanut butter cookies

I still have a part written post thanking people for nominating me for a 'You made my day' award, in my draft files which I will finish and post soon, but for now here is a photo of the cookies that made my day. I butchered a recipe out of a cook book and using my own 'unique' way of measuring ingredients (telling myself that it's just a matter of getting the proportions right and there's no need to weigh things) and they turned out really well. I'd share the recipe, but there isn't really one.


Claudia said...

That's the way to go! I don't really measure ingredients but that means that I can't cook with my mother who is freaking out because everything as to be done as written in the cooking book!

littlemithi said...

Love it ... we call it 'freestyling' in our kitchen ;)

Camilla said...

I think making it up as you go along is a very sensible way of baking- and look how nice they turned out (even if I do say so myself)

Gaina said...

They look yummy :D

You sound like my Mum, she cannot resist tweaking a recipe either.

BTW she was disappointed not to meet you on Thursday. You and Jason will have to come to mine for jelly and ice-cream soon :).