Friday, February 22, 2008

There's a lot of good things going on right now

Sweets from Tara

A selection of American sweets from Tara (as part of our very scientific investigations into which mini-eggs taste better, ones from the US or the UK)

Animals from Finland bag by Andy eats only Candy

Animals from Finland tote bag from Andy Eats only Candy

My £5 tailors dummy

A plus sized tailors dummy, that I found in the charity shop at the end of the road for £5 when Ally was visiting.

Moomin fabric

Moomin fabric from Finland via Shannon in Bath (it was £15 a meter but I couldn't resist it)

Feb 22nd remains of a bolt of Laura Ashley fabric for £5

The remains of a bolt of fabric from Laura Ashley for £5, reduced from £20 a meter- I think i've got about £100 worth of fabric for £5 here.

And special mentions to Julia for sending me her guide book to Barcelona, which I've read from cover to cover already and am getting really excited about.

And a big thankyou to Ileana for letting me know i'd won something in her 'random acts of kindness' giveaway.


Miss Frugality said...

Glad it arrived safely...and sorry about the error I made addressing it (I've had the flu and my head is obviously still a bit foggy).
Well done on your fabric bargains!

littlemithi said...

Where DO you get all those bargains??!!?? Went to Toad Hall today and took lots of photos of Jude the Dude ... as you can imagine, your card was a bit of a surprise ;)

Longing for the weather to get better so I can come birdwatching...

Camilla said...

I think I find bargains because I have adopted a bit of an attitude of embracing my very limited income and making magic things happen because of it. I give far more to charity shops/friends/internet people now than I ever did when I was 'well off' financially. (When I say 'well off' I actually just mean having a pretty low paid, but regular, job)

cally said...

Lovely goodies, but OMG the tailors dummy!!!!!!! Been trying to get one in plus size and at decent (pref free) price since 1990... no joy. Green with envy, but couldn't imagine anyone who'd be better placed to make use than you, well done on a cracking find.