Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hans-Peter Feldmann, Desanka Ilic and a lot of rain

Today I took my nephew to Bristol to visit the museum. He's 4 years old and seemed not to mind the rain as much as I did, but then he did have a spare pair of trousers to change into when the ones he was wearing got soaked, so I suspect he was feeling a lot more comfortable than me.

First stop was another look at the Hans-Peter Feldmann show at Arnolfini which he ran around, declared everything 'wow' and then searched to bookshop for 'his book' (Making Stuff for Kids was for sale in the bookshop there but seems to be sold out now)

Barry the Badger also took a trip to the exhibition.

Just before he told me he didn't want to drown-Jan 19th

Later we walked alongside the water and thought about going on a boat trip, but by this point I was feeling like a grumpy old aunt, rather than a fun young aunt and decided that we should catch the bus to the gallery instead.

I've been wanting to get to this show since before it opened, and finally managed to get a quick look at it today. I've admired Dessa's work for a long time, via Flickr and Etsy and was delighted today to get a reply to the cheeky message I sent her about trading some work. She had commented on my golden creatures and I thought it was worth asking her if she was up for a trade- and luckily for me she is! So soon some golden creatures will be heading her way, and some of her art will be finding a home in my house.


Gaina said...

Will you be my aunty and take me to see cool things? I think that's the least I can expect now we've made a baby together *lol*.

....just leave the driving to Jason, ok?

I love that turntable installation! I knew the minute Dave described it and said he didn't like it that I would love it :D. Congratulations on the book sales!

Who's in the badger suit?

littlemithi said...

I went into Arnolfini today (inspired by your blog) because I'd got to Bush House early for my assessment - and the exhibition had ended yesterday! :(