Friday, January 18, 2008

Will the goodness never end?

I've been very lucky recently- it seems that every day something nice turns up in the mail, all these things arrived today:

chocolate fudge with toasted walnuts
Originally uploaded by you can count on me.

My very talented friend Jeannette sent me a HUGE box of fudge that she made for me. You can read all about how she made it on her food blog: Everybody likes sandwiches.

A mystery person ordered this print for me from Philip Kirk that i'd had my eye on for ages- it's funny because just last night I had this phrase stuck in my head while I was trying to get to sleep.

little rabbit from Jodie

My friend Jodie sent me this little bunny today- the funny thing is I really think it looks like her!

I'm not sure what i've done to deserve all this niceness, it certainly makes getting out of bed on a horrible cold and rainy morning seem a lot more appealing.


kickpleat said...

whoa, that was some fast fudge delivery (ew, doesn't that sentence sound rank??haha)!! glad you received it and are loving it too! man, i really liked that fudge and i hope you love it too!

cally said...

hey, you deserved it by being FAB!
and one day, in the distance (far distance) you will get a package from me too.

Gaina said...

You are just the kind of person who brings out the urge in people to bestowe niceness and cuddles on you. ;)

I love that bunny, such a sweet face.