Sunday, January 20, 2008

Little doll face

I managed to track down some more doll faces so i'm back in production again! I just listed one on Etsy and have promised myself that i'll make up a huge batch of them just as soon as my last deadline is out of the way. These brooches are a real favourite with people and I think they are a kind of Made by Milla signature style, which is strange because I never remember to wear jewellery myself, and i'm generally limited to 1" badges when I do.

I'm feeling pretty bad that i've not been replying to comments and emails- I promise that i'll get round to it soon as this week is over. On the other hand i'm feeling pretty good that i've actually stuck it out for 20 days so far for project 365 this year.


Gaina said...

If you want some help making the doll faces in batches, bring them to college on Thursday and I'll help you.

Believe it or not, I'm twiddling my thumbs here, waiting to get on with the next assignment.

Yes, I know I'm a sick and twisted individual. *lol*

Claudia said...

Only 345 days to go ;)