Thursday, July 26, 2007


Here's my print for Jenn's Periodic Table Printmaking project. You can take a look here to see it in place amongst all the other prints that have come in so far. There are some truly amazing prints in the project, and I wish I had done a better job with mine- but my plan to screenprint something for submission went out of the window when I ended up spending all my time turning things gold. Instead I used two gocco screens to make the 6x6" image, and carved a rubber to create the 'Sc' that represents Scandium.

here's some of the prints I particularly like from the project:

Beryllium by Krista Stout

Mendelevium by Natalia Moroz

Bohrium by Kris Shanks

Copper by S. Kate Hutchison

You can buy a copy of my print from my etsy shop, or perhaps you would like a card:


treasuring said...

i love your print! i think this is just the coolest project. i havent' check ed the site in a while, and you've inspired me to do so! thanks for the great link to stuart haygarth's other work, too. it's so great!

Camilla said...

Thanks! I did some research on him for my last project so I had all his details at my fingertips!

littlemithi said...

Wow ... Gorgeous print - and what a lovely idea... Wish I'd known about this, I would have LOVED to have joined.

Mithi(the ex-chemist turned artist)

Camilla said...

Mithi- I know that Jenn was still waiting for submissions, it may be worth a shot emailing her to see if there are any that need filling at short notice- her details are on the website.

Kyla said...

once i tried to make a giant mosaic periodic table out of clippings from decades worth of national geographics. it didnt ever get finished (read as: i didn't ever get round to finishing it). the periodic table proved to me that the universe isn't random and i thought that was beautiful.