Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How green are your ceramics?

Just had to post this link to a post on Diana Fayt's blog by her guest blogger Laura Zindel.
The Green Ware question is about the relative 'greeness' of making ceramics, and has lead to me having a 'lightbulb' moment where I realise that I have never considered the environmental impact that making ceramics has. I somehow feel that ceramics are so right and good and earthy that I don't take into account the fact that to make a finished ceramic piece you will use huge amounts of energy and potentially toxic materials, as well as that 'earthy' clay that will have been dug out the ground and transported huge distances before it reaches your studio.

As exciting as that lightbulb moment for me is discovering Laura's work:

click to view on her website
I am totally smitten- a combination of bugs and ceramics! I think i'm going to have to ask someone if they can buy me one of her pieces for my birthday (I hope she ships to the UK!)

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