Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trying to think positive

Trying to think positive about all my hijacked accounts- at least I can still get into blogger. Wish me luck as I attempt phone conversation number one with yahoo. The number i've found is 0870 3522000, which I only tracked down after googling for other people's experiences of accounts being hijacked- seems like it's pretty hard to find a UK phone number for Yahoo customer care...now let's see if I can overcome my fear of the phone and find out if that number works.

edit: I made the call and am back in my yahoo and flickr accounts! hurrah! Seems like my ebay account has been used by someone in Texas wanting to buy a laptop, and it seems like ebay picked up on it without me telling them. I've now just got to get back into the account, so phase two of 'regain my virtual life' is on.

As I found it so hard to track down information from Yahoo via the website i'm going to post this number again, so anyone else who is googling 'phished yahoo account' will be able to find it and know that it seems to work just fine. I had to answer some security questions, which meant remembering the name of every pet I ever had, but got there in the end. So if you are in the UK and your yahoo account has been hijacked then try calling them on 0870 3522000 and you will get to speak to a real live human being.

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cally said...

Blimey, trials and tribulations, I hadn't realised it was so full on. You read about this sort of thing and dread it, but to have it happen, ahhh.

Sounds like you did a great job of hunting down the right folk to get it fixed and super fast time. And then to do the public service of putting the number out there to help others - what a gal!