Sunday, April 01, 2007

Uk Etsy sellers Spring Sale starts today

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A bunch of us Etsy sellers that are based in the UK have got together and decided that from April 1st-8th we will be running a special Spring Sale. If you want to browse and see what's up for offer then hop over to this list and see what you can pick up.

I'm offering a free mystery gift with every purchase, but you'll find all kinds of other things on offer- free shipping, 25% off, gifts, added extras- all kinds of things. I'm hoping to take a look and pick out a few of my favourites to profile on here later- in the meantime, hop over to Etsy and search for items that are tagged 'uksale'.

(As well as a free gift with every order I should point out that all my paintings are now at least half their original price. )

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