Monday, April 02, 2007

uh-oh I am a girl after all

While I was in Bristol today I had some time to kill and I spent it browsing in Debenhams. Since I moved away from the 'big city' I rarely get to see the inside of a department store, and I think maybe that's a good thing. In the ten minutes or so I was inside the shop I fell in love with a bunch of clothes, and was delighted to discover that all of John Rocha's designs go up to a size 22, and that there is a new range called 'Gorgeous' that features clothes in sizes 16-26 (although i'm sure I saw a skirt that was a size 32 when I was in there). The clothing was all priced out of my price range, but I think for anyone doing a 'proper job' and earning 'proper money' it wouldn't be too bad, especially when I consider the prices i've paid for some pretty bog standard stuff in Evans in the past.

I was smitten by the pretty-prettyness of this dress and jacket, I would never have a need to wear anything like this in a million years, but maybe I can hold out for someone I know getting married?

This skirt and long length top are the sort of thing I think i'd wear if I was actually in a position to spend money on clothes and get all dressed up for everyday, rather than just for weddings and funerals

This skirt actually looks completely different in real life (maybe it's just because this is a different colour) In the shop it was a bright apple green and I was really drawn to it- i'm sure it would make me look super frumpy if I was going to wear it, but I liked the heavy weight of the fabric and the colour (which you can't see)

I just loved the colour of this jacket and wished I was brave enough to walk around with it on, a bit like this dress- bright satiny teal party dress, that I would only ever be able to wear if I were a pop star/art star, but I was taken with it's swishy nature and ridulous image of me wearing it to college.

And finally- a lime green swing jacket, I love the shape of these jackets, but they are exactly the wrong shape for me to wear, so I must continue to love them from afar (I have reconciled myself to never being able to wear this jacket from Evans:

even though it calls my name- i tried it on, despite knowing it was going to be a disaster)

This has all come as a bit of a suprise to me as most of the time I wander around in patched up jeans and scruffy t-shirts. It seems that since the sun has come out again (hurrah for British Summer Time) I am actually feeling like i'd like to shed my winter layers and dance around in pretty girl clothes. Sadly/luckily I just don't have the money to buy anything other than maybe a few yards of fabric to make something new from.


shannon said...

Oh the skirt-that-looks-taupe-but-is-really-green is very similar to a skirt I have. I don't know what you mean frumpy! It is my best summer skirt.
I didn't know you had this blog. I added you to my blogroll.

cally said...

Your killing me here. I avoid the shops so I won't know that I am missing such delights. The top 2 are definitely my favourites, and maybe also the teal dress and the lime jacket.

I got really sick last year and lost lots of weight so I it makes me even more want to buy all the kinds of clothes I didn't suit in the past. But money, what's that, green stuff I think? Not sure but I know I don't have any.

O yes, I forgot I was dropping by to say thanks for the credit union link, I had listed an Australian one in the links section, but not one for here cause I was too busy getting loved up about Triodos :0)