Saturday, February 10, 2007

Project Spectrum: Blue Bed

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Another view of the spare bedroom, taken just before I have to give the spare bed back to my friend who was storing it at my house. I now have to decide if I should buy a new bed, or perhaps go with a sofa bed instead.
I did spot this sofa bed in Ikea:

and wonder if the turquoise would go well with the walls and white floors, or instead maybe clash horribly. I've got very limited money so i'm restricted to places like Ikea (where I have a store card, which means danger!), or junk shops. All the other sofa beds at Ikea are too big for the room, and too low for me to sit on comfortably, which makes me wonder if perhaps I should go for a new bed instead.

Something like this:

would fit in with the old fashion feel of the room, and is not too expensive, but i'm also drawn to beds like this day bed:

I think for the time being it will be no bed at all, as I really can't justify buying anything at the moment, but it's nice to dream (although if I were really dreaming maybe i'd be looking at top designers rather than Ikea). I'm going to keep my eyes open for modern sofa beds that don't cost the earth, and for old fashioned beds that don't fall to pieces.

The walls are painted in Dulux Willow Tree, the bed is from I don't know where, and the bedlinen is from IKEA.

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