Saturday, February 17, 2007

Project Spectrum: White and Blue Buttons

Originally uploaded by crunchcandy.

Inspired by the photo of Hillary Lang's button collection in the Crafter's Companion (which is edited by Anna Torborg) I recently sorted all my buttons by colour into empty jam jars. This means I now have ready access to buttons of all sorts of colours whenever I need them- it takes some of the fun away from poking through a jumbled up tin of buttons, but at least there's the fun of sorting them all out in the first place! (Or is it strange I find that kind of thing fun?)

In other project spectrum related news: this month i've been feeling pretty blue myself, so i've neglected some entries for Studio Friday, and forgot to let you know about the new cushions I have listed up on my etsy shop . I'm hoping that the spring will be with us soon and I will be able to start working a little more productively, rather than spending all my time under the covers with copies of Elle Decoration, Period Living , Living etc and (thanks to Janet ) my new copy of Adorn magazine.


Hanna said...

I hope for spring too, soon, but snow everywhere! :-) thanks for commenting in my blog.

you can always just sort your buttons by size next time, and then back to colours - to prolong the fun! I'm with you, button sorting is great fun

Camilla said...

OOh this will be like the time I sorted my records by sleeve colour, and then sorted them by date of release.