Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little and Lots- a week to go

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It's a week to go to the opening of 'Little and lots' and i've spent the day scanning artwork and uploading it to the galleries Flickr account . Organising a show that has work in from so many different people causes all kinds of stresses- keeping track of what work has arrived, which pieces need to be hung with pegs, which pieces sell, who is going to be working on the opening night...the list is endless!

This is the last big group show i'm curating for a while, I made a decision about a year ago that I wouldn't curate so many shows this year- I managed to drop from 10 a year to maybe 6, next year i'm hoping to only put on two or three shows. The next show I have lined up is a solo show from Kate Bingaman which is taking place in January, i'm probably already behind on doing the planning for it- that's the strange thing about planning all these shows you end up working at least two or three months ahead of 'real time' in your head. Right now i'm at the end of December in my head, wondering about shipping back unsold work and getting the posters out for Kate's show. I feel pretty calm about Kate's show because as a solo show there is only one person to communicate with, which makes things a whole lot easier to manage.

My reasons for dropping the number of shows I was curating were partly to do with money- as a volunteer I don't make any money on any of the shows I put on, and although I don't resent that, sometimes it's hard to put all that work in and still not be able to afford the bus fare to get to the opening night show! But in reality it's not money that's the reason, it's time and energy- I wanted to be able to spend more time on making my art, and on developing Made by Milla. I'm not sure how well I have suceeded in either of those objectives, but it's good to know that i'll have more free time in 2007. Who knows, maybe one day i'll even have an exhibition of my own work?

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