Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Little and Lots- call for entries

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There's still time to get work in for the December shopping show- "Little and Lots". You are invited to submit up to four pieces of work, all of which have to be A4 size or under and ready to hang on the wall. The gallery will take a 25% commission on any work that sells, and if all four pieces of your work sell then you will be invited to submit another four pieces.

We're having drawings, paintings, collage, enamel, jewellery, textiles, bags, photos, prints and anything else you can think of that will fit in an A4 frame- this really is a show that works best if millions of people submit to it- to give you a taster we'll be posting images of work that have already reached us on the blog every day or so.

Deadline for submissions is Dec 1st (although if you are sending from overseas don't worry if you think you'll miss this- we will take work that arrives after the deadline as long as you let us know it's coming) Send all work, including prices (with our 25% commission) and a contribution towards returning unsold work to:

here gallery
108 stokes croft
bs1 3ru

today's piece of art is the newest arrival- a mixed media piece by Craig Atkinson .

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