Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thrift Thursday

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Thanks once again to the lovely Janet i've discovered Thrift Thursday , a group set up by Carrie for us to document our thrift store (or in my case 'charity shop') finds. Each Thursday i'm going to post a picture of one of my recent treasures...

This little gem is a hankie, or perhaps a napkin, from a Swiss Air plane. I found it in the Weston Hospice Care shop at the end of my road. I swear that part of the reason I bought my flat was because there was a charity shop on one corner and a bakers on the other! It cost me the princely sum of 20 pence and I was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of other hankies like this at the same time. (See more of them here )

The town where I live is pretty well full of charity shops, and whilst picking can still be slim, and prices are still higher than they used to be, there's plenty of treasures to be found. Sadly I just don't have the money to rescue all the things I see (or the space), but by limiting myself to once a week I might be able to pick some treats.

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