Friday, August 04, 2006


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I'm going to Herm for a few days. Herm is the smallest of the Channel Islands and is somewhere I used to visit when I went on holiday to Guernsey to see my Aunt when I was little. Two years ago I went to back to Herm with two friends of mine, and tomorrow i'm going camping there for a few days with 6 other arty ladies. One of the best things about going to Herm is that to get there you have to fly on a plane that has a puffin painted on the side of it, followed by a 20 minute boat trip. Of course I plan to do lots of drawing and take photos, but I imagine I will more likely spend time on the beach, trying to pluck up the courage to go in the sea, and searching for shells.

This photo was my shoes on the beach in Guernsey- I had to wear them down to the waters edge because my feet hurt too much on the pebbles, while I was swimming in the sea I had to keep an eye on the tide so my shoes didn't get washed away.

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