Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ghost deer

ghost deer
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Like everyone else in the known world I am big on deer right now. Although I say right now it's not actually a new thing- when I was little I was moved to tears/ecstasy by seeing deer on Richmond Common running. For a long time my mum remembered the exact words I said when I saw them- she's forgotton now but they included the words 'heart' 'running' and 'deers'. We do remember the time my sister said 'this hill is deading my dodo' after learning about the extinction of the Dodo and climbing a big (to a small child) hill in Surrey.
This photo was taken at Longleat Saffari Park on Saturday, my camera is dying and everything was over-exposed. I need to steal my Dad's camera back from him- how selfish of my parents to go on holiday and ask for their camera back!

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