Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A healthy Obsession

unknown children
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I have a slight obsession with collecting photos of people I don't know who, in many cases, are long dead. On my mantlepiece I have a collection of baby photos that I have picked up in charity shops and car boot sales. Some people find this a little creepy, but I find it too sad that these precious photos end up in a bin in the corner of a junk shop.

I bring these babies home and give them a space above the fire and create lives for them. None of these baby photos is later than 1950 in date, so it's unlikely that i'm going to bump into someone whose photo I have on my wall as a baby, but I do wonder what happened to them, are they still alive, what was their name, where did they live?

One of the things I like the most about the photos is the strange hand made toys that the babies are often pictured with. I want to recreate these toys, I want to find these toys in a junk shop and reunite them with their owners. Actually i'm starting to feel a bit creeped out by myself now, it's strange because I pretty much hate babies (not yours of course) so why I fill my living room with them I don't know.

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