Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Mail

snow snowflake

Just a quickie to remind people that Monday is the last date for ordering from me if you live in the US/Canada. My shop is a little depleted at the moment, due to most of my stock being in exhibition at the moment, but there's still a few treats to pick up over there. I've also got a new shop on DaWanda, which I hope to start filling with stock after xmas...yes I know I know, I really should be stocking up before the holidays as it's the best selling time of the year, but you know what? I'm just going to take things easy this year. (And there you have it, the reason I will never make money from my work!)

Holiday mail has been pouring through my letter box over the last week- I feel so lucky to know so many talented people, to be taking part in things like the Holiday Ornament Swap and PIFing with the lovely Mithi, Kerstin, Karen, Claudia and Janou-Eve. Rather worryingly Karen's PIF to me is lost in the mail, which would be a bit more understandable if it was coming from the other side of the world, but this one's coming from just up the road (well...sort of) in the UK! This morning I recieved most welcome mail from Mithi- a beautiful print of birds:

I squeeled with delight when I opened this- and some relief too as the weather is so wet today the envelope had started to fall to bits, I think it got to me just in time, so no damage was done! Thanks Mithi! I think I need to take a photo of all the goodness that's been coming my way lately- I feel so honoured to know so many lovely, talented people.

Talking of lovely people, thankyou to Susan for mentioning me in her blog the other day, and to Karen too, maybe this will mean i'll have more than 7 regular readers one day soon?!


littlemithi said...

There was a xmas card in there too ... didya didya get it??!!?? (man I posted that yesterday! Occasionally am really impressed by Royal Mail!)

Karen said...

So It didn't come today????????????? Oh noooooooooooo, and your other one came from mithi and she only posted yesterday!! Is it Weston Super Mare?? Please say yes!!

zakkalife said...

adorable doilies, I like how you embroider words on them

had fun scrolling through your blog :)